Friday, November 7, 2008

Basketry - Daphne Stephen, Traditional Basket Maker

Choiseul is the home of traditional craft in St. Lucia and Daphne is recognized as a master in the making of 'tubcoiled screwpine' basketry. Her items are highly sought after, orders backed up one on another. Why? Her technique produces super-neat, super-tight baskets that last for ever and look beautiful to boot.

Screwpine, locally called 'palama' is the Pandanus Tectoris plant - grown as a wind barrier in many places due to its dense growth pattern, which also gives it the name screwpine as the stem follows a spiral growth route. The preparation of the fibre is done by removing the prickly centre-spine and leaf edges and either boiling and baking to produce a light colour or leaving to dry naturally for a rich brown.

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