Monday, November 10, 2008

Sculpture - Jitan St. Martin

Bradley Jitan St. Martin was born in the seaside village of Choiseul, St. Lucia, home of the traditional crafts of the island. Spending his youth surrounded by practitioners of basketry, sculpture, pottery and painting, he naturally explored his own talents and showed great promise in Visual Arts at his secondary school.

Very much inspired by his mother, herself a National Award Winner and with the encouragement of his brother an acknowledged Local Sculptor he decided to continue the family legacy. Jitan took up an apprenticeship at the world renowned Eudovic Art Studio from 1999 to 2004. Here he learnt traditional forms as well as the abstract form the studio is so well known for. Since then he has consistently been developing his own style.

Jitan was chosen by the St. Lucian National Cultural Foundation to represent St. Lucia
“Archipel” in 2001 and 2002.  In 2003, Jitan participated in St. Lucia National Art
Exhibition” and won an award for Sculpture. His work has also been featured in the St. Lucian and Martinique press.

Jitan uses local materials such as Laurier Mabouey, Laurier Cannel, red and white cedar and Mahogany.


  1. We met him and purchased some of his work while in St Lucia a couple weeks ago. Very nice gentleman and his work is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and giving him a testimonial :)

  3. We met him last week and his art is beautiful. We only purchased one piece but would love to have more! I see that the web site on his card is not working at the moment but we would love to see more items....Guess we need to head back to St Lucia!

  4. Amy, do you have a telephone number for him or email, perhaps you could have him send pics to choose from?

    The problem for us in the islands is that all the easy ways to set up e-commerce are not available to us, so very few people maintain a website where you can purchase. It's very frustrating!

    I'm not in St. Lucia at the moment otherwise I'd be happy assist - hope you get through!

  5. I also bought something from him at the cruise ship terminal in St. Lucia and I couldn't wait to go onto his website to see more, but I can't get on! Would love to be able to purchase some more of his art work.

  6. I'll be sure and let him know - and I'll pass on these comments to some of the agencies that are doing development projects with the St. Lucian crafters - hopefully this year will see a change and we'll be able to get some of the products available for sale online - I realize my 'contact me' form isn't working - I'll get it back up and anyone who'd like to get email when there's somewhere selling the items online, just send me a note ok?


  7. what are the sizes of his sculptures?

  8. what are the sizes of his sculptures?

  9. Hi Colleen, they vary, but most are under 2 ft / 60cm