Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sculpture - Vincent Joseph Eudovic

Vincent Joseph Eudovic started sculpting as a very young child and competed in his first exhibition, when he just 12. His piece, named "ALI BABA" won first prize - which was EC$15.

From then on Eudovic was set in his vocation. Over the years he developed his art in Trinidad with Ricardo Vincente, as a teacher of sculpture in St. Lucia and later through a UN scholarship, which took him to Nigeria.

This was the biggest experience in his life. In Nigeria Eudovic discovered many extraordinary artists who taught and influenced him a great deal. He studied monumental sculpture with artists who worked on pieces almost twenty feet high, he was initiated into the traditional art of Yoruba, and studied the artistic symbols of the people and their sculpture tradition, he studied modern art as well.

Upon his return Eudovic recommenced teaching what he had learnt to aspiring local sculptors in the process, creating a vibrant sculpture community in St. Lucia. He has continued teaching in St. Lucia and around the Caribbean and is widely considered the father of sculpture in St. Lucia. He regularly exhibits locally and regionally and has shown work in many countries of the world.

Now his family run Eudovic’s Art Studio is world known as a must see stop in St. Lucia

Eudovic uses various local woods for his abstract carvings, taking roots of dead or felled trees and allowing the unique shapes and forms to speak to him and inspire the sculpture he creates.

Eudovic uses Mahogany, Teak, Laurier Mabouey and Caribbean Red and White Cedar, but his favourite is without doubt Laurier Canelle, which is now extinct in St. Lucia. The old stumps are searched for deep in the forest. Laurier Canelle has a remarkable beauty brought out by utlra-fine sanding and hours of dedicated polishing – a rare beauty.

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  1. This is awesome ricardo vincente was my grandfatherand I have quite a lot of his wood work