Monday, November 17, 2008

Wines – Paradise Wines

With 10 years of winemaking under their belts, the folks at Paradise Wines have gathered a loyal clientele in the hotel sector and amongst St. Lucians who relish enjoying a good local product.

The range is entirely made from local fruits and includes; banana, golden apple, West Indian gooseberry, mango, sugarcane, ginger, carambola and guava wines. These are available both in decorative bottles or traditionally labelled bottles and as a trio of flavours gift set.

But don’t just enjoy these wines on their own, try cooling down on a hot day with a wine spritzer by mixing with soda water, or a flavoured fizzy drink and how about jazzing up your main course with a splash of fruit wine added in the cooking pot? There’s great flavour to be sampled in so many ways.

BUY TOGETHER - how about a handpainted bottle of Paradise Wine in a handcrafted Wine Basket?

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