Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spa Products - Green Papaya

Patricia Lee Cozier of Green Papaya uses the natural resources of her island home – the Bamboo, Nutmeg, Hibiscus, Aloe Vera, Mint, Sea Mineral, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil and much more in the luxurious, body pampering products that she makes.

Green Papaya also creates holistic spa applications for spa’s in various resorts around the island including the exotic, coastal TiKaye Village Resort and the beautiful, historic Stonefield Estate Villa Resort.

Here are a few of the treats that await you at

Hibiscus Body Polish
West Indian Cream Scrub
Spearmint Sea Kelp Foot Polish
Jasmine Body Mist
Inner Peace Body Oil

Green Papaya Body Butter

Body Bars:
Peppermint Lift
West Indian Sunset

Caribbean Apricot
Sweet Citrus Burst
Spearmint Loofah Bar
Caribbean Apricot Loofah Bar

The Spa Products are of the highest quality incorporating the use of oils, herbs, spices, floral waters, fruity enzymes, natural sea salts, sugars and essential oils of rich nutritional value. Green Papaya ensures that not too much heat is applied when creating the products, as this could destroy beneficial properties of life force for the skin. Each batch of spa products made, are numbered for individuality. The spa products should be used within six months from the date on the Green Papaya Booklet Label.

Green Papaya’s Spa products were designed for all skin types and are:

100% Pure - 100% Natural
Synthetic Chemical Free - High Quality - Environmentally Friendly
Made in St.Lucia and Eco-friendly in their packaging.


  1. i got one of these soaps as a gift and i'm right now trying to locate where the rest of them are and i'm actually getting no results.
    i loved the pink grapefruit facial soap that i got and i would love to know where i can purchase them :)

  2. I would like to agree with this person above.
    I had been using this soap over the summer vacation and it really did bring me happy results. Not only did it treat my pimples and clear my face but it also lightened my skin complexion and I was told the first day of work that I looked better without make-up.