Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tradition and Contemporary - Crafty Creations

Choiseul is the home of traditional crafts in St. Lucia - basketry, pottery, woodcarving, furniture making.

Just South of the village is a small craft shop called Crafty Creations owned by Ulrica Prospere, a well known craftsperson. Full to the brim with local crafts of all sorts, Ulrica takes the traditional items and gives them her own new look with decorative flourishes.

She works with many local crafters so the variety of items is wide - you'll find tableware - mats, napkins, serving trays and baskets, fashions - bags and hats, decor - local wicker - awali and ti kanot vines from the rainforest woven into bassonets, laundry baskets, picnic hampers and you'll also find lots of decorative items as well as sculptures and carvings of all sorts.
Sisal PlacematsTubecoiled Screwpine and Madras Bread Baskets
Woven Tissue Box Covers
Tubecoiled Basket - Lined and Trimmed
Wicker Laundry Basket
Screwpine & Madras Tote BagsWoven Sisal Hat
Crafty Creations brings Choiseul to your doorstep at the Arts & Crafts Village!


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