Friday, November 21, 2008

Dolls - Cynthia James

The making of cloth dolls has been a tradition in St. Lucia for a very long time - trays of colourful dresses and smiling faces decorate market stalls and shop shelves alike.

Cynthia James is known for her beautifully crafted cloth dolls - and doll souvenirs. Tiny, handsewn items - little dolls on the end of pencils, pin cushion dolls, tiny fridge-magnet dolls, now also holding notepaper, and her latest addition, little kweyol sacks - filled with fragrant pot pourri to adorn your fridge, hang in your closet or in your car to freshen your ride.  These souvenirs are exquisitely crafted to last.


  1. Most excellent Craft work, Keep up The Good Work Cynthia

    From Ziggy

  2. thanks Ziggy - I'll be sure to let Cynthia know you like her dolls!